Thingtrax Solutions Help Manufacturers Reduce Downtime By Capturing And Analyzing Machine, Motor, And Operator Data.

THINGTRAX is the only Machines Performance Monitoring Software. THINGTRAX is UK based company having their presence on three different continents. THINGTRAX solutions help manufacturers to reduce downtime by capturing and analyzing machines, motors and operators data. THINGTRAX Cloud Platform analyzes Data using Industry specific Analytic Engine. It provides devices and sensors for Machines, Equipment, and Operators.

What ThingTrax Can Do

This is how we capture data

Our Smart Gateways Capture data from Legacy and New machines PLC.

Our Data capture device captures data from analog and digital sensors

We also supply various sensors like industrial accelerometers and other sensors to help you capture what matters you most.

Our Operator Sensors capture data from Human and mobile assets deployed on shop floor

We send actionable insight directly to your mobile

We give you Overall Equipment efficiency of your machine, floor and factory, to help you pin point where you need to focus more to get maximum value of your time and money

Our Industry specific machine learning algorithms and AI platform predicts Remaining Useful Life and Time to Failure

Our Platform alerts you before a motor or machine is going to go down by analysing data captured using our devices and analysing Historical trends.

Our Platform intelligently built up operator’s efficiency and skill ratings to help you maximize your production.

Thingtrax device capture data

Devices capture data

Thingtrax cloud platform

Cloud platform analysis it

Send actionable insights before problems occur

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